Common Vaping Issues and How to Fix Them

When you start vaping you may run into some common issues that can affect your vaping experience. We have some simple solutions to your common vaping issues to help you fix and avoid these problems. These simple problems can really affect your vaping experience so it is important that you follow the advice in this article to get the best possible vaping experience.

If you are finding that your clearomizer or cartomizer constantly leaks there is an issue. When you refill your cartomizer or clearomizer you are probably getting e-liquid into the center hole which is causing the leak. Avoiding the center hole can be tricky and almost all vapors have this issue at some point. To avoid getting e-liquid in the center hole you can try tilting the unit slightly during the filling process. This will allow the eliquid to flow into the clearomizer down the side and avoid the middle hole. The middle hole has to remain clear for airflow so this is an important process.

Another issue you may encounter is problems with your charger when attaching the eGo battery. If you have broken or damaged a charger like this you are probably screwing the battery on too tight. When attaching the battery you will want to go until you get some resistance then back off some. The eGo chargers are typically small and made of plastic which makes them likely to break. Be gentle and conscious of the tension when attaching your battery and you can avoid this issue.

Finally, some users find that they get a burnt taste from their new cartomizers. This is something you have to accept, there is a way to avoid the nasty taste. The right way to fill your cartomizer and avoid the burnt taste is called “the condom method” within the vaping community. First you have to take the rubber piece that is the cover of the cartomizer , it is probably clear, and fill it hallway. Then take the white piece from the top of the cartomizer and slowly inset the cartomizer into the filled rubber piece which should be face down. This forces the e-liquid into the filler so the filler and coil get wet. Then allow the cartomizer to sit for a minute, pull out the cartomizer and insert the drip tip. Blow through the center hole to ensure it is free of eliquid and you should be good to go.

These are just some of the most basic issues you may face with vaping and how to remedy them.

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