The Smoker’s Halo Ultra Tank Information and Review

The Smoker’s Halo Ultra Tank is an eGo-style ecig. The kit costs $56 and the clearomizer price is $7.50. The kit comes in a typical box and includes two eGo batteries – a 650 mAh and a 1000 mAh battery, three 1.6ml CE4 (Stardust) clearomizers, the USB charger, two bottles of e-liquid and the manual. There is no wall charger included in the package but you can buy one for $10. Other ecig companies also don’t include the wall charger adapter like South Beach Smoke because it makes the kit more affordable but many users are disappointed in this choice.

The eGo batteries are portable, reliable and long lasting. Getting use to an eGo battery and ecig can be hard at first for past smokers because they are not like a traditional cigarette but after some time they feel much less awkward. The Smoker’s Halo Ultra Tank is more bulky and requires a manual activation but it really is a great design. The 650 mAh is more compact and easy to transport but stores less power than the 1000 mAh battery. The 650 mAh battery can last 10 hours or more and the 1000 mAh battery can last a day and a half for many users. This is much more than a mini ecig can last.

The eGo batteries are also a good choice but the real selling feature for this kit is the CE4 clearomizers. These clearomizers are part of the Halo Ultra Tank kit and they make this kit different than the other options that are out there. They are a combination of a cartomizer and a tank so you have the best of both worlds without messy refills and annoying leaks. The cartomizer is more efficient than the atomizer and cartridge system and it is the next big thing in the electronic cigarette market. The CE4 clearomizers are easy tor efill and hold a lot of e-liquid. Some of the draw backs are they burn through your juice quickly and some users report using twice as much eliquid each day. The Smoker’s Halo Ultra Tank produces a ton of vapor but you will need to use more juice than you would typically. Also you may not get the drag feeling from this kit that you are used to.

The kit has 510 connection batteries so you can also replace the CE4 clearomizers with a different atomizer, cartomizer or tank system. The batteries are high quality and really make this kit worthwhile.

The vapor production with the Halo Ultra Tank is great. You will get a mouth full of vapor from even the shortest draw. The liquid that comes with the kit is propylene glycol based and has no vegetable glycerin. The Smoker’s Halo Ultra Tank is a huge vapor producer and smaller ecigs and vaporizers this size really cannot compete. This kit gives you true performance.

The kit comes with two 15ml e-liquids in your choice of flavors. Most of the flavors are PH-based. The vaporizer burns a lot of juice so 30ml of e-liquid is really not much. The flavors have not been given rave reviews but users. They smell good but they don’t produce amazing vapor flavors. You will want to find an American made vapor if you are looking for higher-quality juice. The flavors are decent but not mind blowing.

The Smoker’s Halo Ultra Tank has some flaws but it is a really great kit and a wonderful vaporizer. The eGo batteries are amazing and the vaporizer is good quality. The kit is compatible with other accessories which is awesome. Also the CE4 clearomizers are simple to use, produce tons of vapor and have a big capacity.


  • Great Batteries
  • Phenomenal Vapor Production
  • Easy to use and easy to fill
  • Big Capacity


  • Burns a lot of juice
  • Poor flavoring
  • Lack of wall charger

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